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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  November 18, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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ready or not here it is, the cold is back in town. taking a live look lots of people bun willed up at 69th street station, steve. >> reporter: well, not so bad, yesterday we reported on the pope coming to philadelphia, today, we have the second coming, of a contact even owe to philadelphia a. chris, did you like that dramatic pause. >> thank you. there will be a lot of that from viewers with the pope coming next september, steve. we have breaking news, john kerry is calling it an act of pure terror two palestinian storm jerusalem synagogue killing at least four people. we will have details this morning. bandits caught kidnapping
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somebody right outside a gas station but police are cautious why they fear that this may be a prank. it is tuesday, november 18th, 2014. and holy windy batman, oh, my gosh. >> holy windy batman. >> never started a show that way in 21 years of broadcasting. >> sue serio i will put gel in my hair and hope and pray that my hair will look on day as good as yours. >> you have to grow it out and then there is bob kelly in the background with the business hair in the business. >> well, you you will need double gel day, double gel day. >> double the amount. >> because the wind are whipping down from the northwest, and, they are causing, tons of snow to come out, of lake erie and dump right on buffalo new york. i was looking at my old neighborhood and thinking oh, boy are they getting it. for us we have snow in the western part of the state that is not expected to make
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it here. it is all about the the temperature and the wind chill as we get started this morning. it is 34 degrees in philadelphia a. last hour it was 37 degrees. that may end up being the high temperature of the entire day. it will be one of those days where temperatures justin to drop all day long. we have 209's north and west of us. thirty's to the south of us. cold air still making its way in. wind, sustained at 22 miles an hour. and, higher, or just below that, depending on where you are. here's irwin chill. it feels like 22 outside. feels like the teens north of us, it feels like single digits in the pocono mountains. we have 26 is the wind chill in atlantic city. twenty-four is what it feels like in dover. that feels like temperature is what you dress for this morning. layers, layers, layers, 34 degrees feels like 22, and it was a rainy day and a monday yesterday. we got to 51 degrees. we will not see temperatures that mild for a little while.
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again, 32 will be our midday temperature, not the high for the entire day but deceptive sunshine, cold and blustery all day. we will have winds that are sustained at around 20 miles an hour, gusting to around 30 miles an hour, as we get through this very cold day and bob kelly, it will be even colder tomorrow. >> wow, it is funny, i 11th my coffee in my car, i had to go back to my car to get my coffee and that second walk back i really felt the wind. >> is that why your voice is a little scratchy. >> you are very sultry. >> well, thank you. good morning, everybody. here's a live look the 42 freeway in south jersey not bad this morning. so far so good for folks leaving and heading toward that walt whitman bridge. we have an accident in plymouth fairfield drive at volpe road, watch for police. pennsy turnpike looking good. in problems up and down 476 or
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schuylkill press way. ridge avenue we have a fire location. we have had a fire every morning for the last five or six days or so. northbound lanes of i-95 penndot outside working near cottman avenue. watch for delays heading up in to northeast philadelphia otherwise mass transit looking g the buses, trains, trolleys are in good shape. we had problems with that paoli line. everything back to normal there speedometer readings is where they should be. i think wind will have an impact up and over the bridges. we will look at the franklin next time around. >> i will look forward to hearing from you been, thank you. new this morning. more than a hundred people waking up to a carbon monoxide scare at their hotel. fire crews rush to the best western in concordville and baltimore pike in connchester highway in glen mills at 3:00 this morning. they found high readings of carbon monoxide coming from a heater in the basement. 110 people were isolated in
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the hotel ballroom while the hotel was vented. they are all new back in their room. officially winter is more than a month away, it is december 21st. >> yes,. >> so unofficially it is winter. it is just cold outside. worse time. jennifer joyce, upside here as you join us from upper darby is tomorrow could set a all time record low. at least todaytis not tomorrow. >> this time last week we were in the 60's. >> reporter: oh, yeah, i don't think there is a a bright side. it is just bad and it will get worse. the cell phone says it is about 37 degrees right now. it will get down to 27, later this morning and then hang out around 30 degrees all day long. lots on have people here at 69th street station, bundled up, but this is absolutely a shock to the system. the coldest blast, so far, this season. people that we have talked to said they are actually doing okay. they have listen to scott
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williams last night, tuning into sue serio this morning. people hearsay they are prepared, they are dressed in layers. >> dressed warm, i have the thermals, i'm prepared but not all the way prepare. i have the gloves on and everything. >> my hand are cold and i have a heavy jacket but it is difficult. >> reporter: how are you handling this blast. >> not a problem. not a problem. you know what, i cannot help help it, it is cold and i have to keep it moving. >> reporter: you are prepared with a lot of layers. >> yes, i'm prepared. had man was here first. we can deal with this weather. >> reporter: they can deal with this weather, i don't know if i'm ready to deal with this weather. i was texting with photographer greg this morning saying i'm not ready. he was trying to talk us into it. he is staying positive at least. >> i don't know how you are talking so well, when it is
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that cold out my mouth freezes. >> that happens to you in here. >> that is true. >> just saying. >> all right. 4:06. a 15 year-old is facing charges after cops say he vandalized a philadelphia park. police say he and another boy caused extensive damage, at venice island park in manayunk saturday night. the 15 year-old turned himself in yesterday after a anonymous tipper ided him. newly renovated facility just reopened last month. damage is estimated at $30,000. the teen is facing a criminal mischief charge. happening today pennsylvania gaming control board is set to make a decision on a casino license. >> applicants are seeking to build a new gambling venue in philadelphia fox 29's steve keeley is live outside the convention center where gaming agency will hold a meeting later today, good morning. >> reporter: meeting here at convention center at 1:00 this afternoon and for all of the criticism that the pennsylvania pennsylvania gaming cop troll board has gotten, before anything is even announced one thing they
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cannot be criticized for is taking a real good, long, look at the four possible spots. they got done taking testimony in january. so here we are ten months later and maybe a decision, and maybe even a fifth surprise possibility, to not even decide, how about that a decision to not decide meaning there are already enough casinos in and around philadelphia, let's not even decide on another one here, and so all four proposals get the thumbs down. revenues are going down, critics argue and didn't everybody here in pennsylvania pennsylvania learn from what is happening down in atlantic city. lets look at rid ohio here. this is south philadelphia people last week shouting down and booing electrical union leaders who want the casino for job possibilities but the south philadelphia people do not want another crowd raising experience down there. they have the the stadiums. so, they are against the the ninth and packer pennsylvania
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live one which the inquirer is reporting going to be the decision today but no confirmation on that just yet. we will finally learn what is in the gaming control mind later today at 1:00 o'clock and then let the lawsuits and all of the criticism and complaints start flying, chris and kerry and they will, steve, thank you. also happening today union members of the communication workers of america are gathering to talk about howell to improve safety for workers. this comes as a new jersey department of children and family caseworkers is in critical condition, stabbed 21 times by someone. she was trying to help. police say it was just after 1:00 monday afternoon when a mentally ill woman walk in the state building in camden. she allegedly went up to the fourth floor and stabbed a caseworker with a stake knife. another co-worker stopped the attack. police say victim was a caseworker for that suspect, however, that does not appear to be a motive. >> the suspect this this has a history of mental illness.
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there is no logical reason as to why this occurred. there was nothing that triggered or provoke this other than the suspect went in there and when she saw the caseworker. >> it is traumatizing, any family would be traumatized but they are holding it together. >> union representing that caseworker say it all comes two days after the last armed police officer, signed to d.c. f officers, were eliminated by state budget cuts. communication workers of america are now pushing for those officers to be reinstated and better security measures put if place. formal arraignment hearing scheduled today for the man accused for the shooting at mercy fitzgerald hospital. richard plots is charge with murder and other charges. prosecutors say he shot his mental health caseworker that the hospital back in july and his psychiatrist, who had a gun, shot plots, during this whole thing. and an initial arraignment was held for plots while he was in the hospital.
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all right. a a lot of catholics, of course, very excited for pope's announcement that he is coming to the world meeting of families next september. >> yes, that a announcement a maid from the vatican in pope francis own word and no one can say quite like he can. hours later the mayor and local officials repeated that announcement in front of the enthusiastic crowd in front of the art museum on whose steps the pontiff will preside in the world meeting next september. this, of course, will mean millions of visitors to our region that gives way to major security concerns. planning has been underway on sometime on the assumption that the pope will come to the city and local law enforcement agencies are dealing up for this huge challenge. more than a million people are expect to be on the parkway during the papal mass. >> logistics of it, really is the challenge. where do people come, where they either come by train or
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do they come by bus or do they drive what kind of shuttle services we will have into the main venue. >> anytime you have an event where there is a large gathering of people we're always concerned, the fact that the pope is at the center of that, triples that concern. >> fbi, secret service, other agencies are all going to be involved in this and all of the latest security technology will be in place such as septa's massive surveillance camera network, city's camera network and portable cameras. this video is causing a lot of upset, a woman gets elbowed in the face, and now lot of upset, a woman gets elbodeciding between buyingw food and health care
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is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
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yesterday was all about that rain, all that rain. today it is all about that temperature. it is early, what do you expect, i know. we've got temperatures, these things come to my mind and out they come. we've got temperatures in the 20's to get started this morning. we have 34 degrees, in philadelphia. thirty-two wilmington. thirty-five dover. thirty-nine wildwood. those are actual temperatures but it doesn't feel like that. i want to show you future temperatures and show you things will continue to go down until 2:00 p.m. when we normally reach our high. we will be at 32 degrees in the city. what that means is we have
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reached our high for the day, technically and the thing is, we have to factor in the winds as these temperatures stay in the teens and 20's, so that things will feel even colder then they are. satellite radar is showing proof of the cold air moving in which is lake effect snow that we are not experiencing this morning, these are the wind chills, this is what you dress for folks out there, teens in allentown and pottstown, 11 is wind chill in reading and lancaster, 4 degrees in mount pocono, it feels like 22 in philadelphia, wind chills in the 20's to the south and east of us as well. it is because of these win gusts of 34 miles an hour win gusts in philadelphia these wind will be with us all day long, so winds effect the temperature and make it feel colder. we will go with brisk and blustery today, record lows for tomorrow morning. the record for tomorrow's date is 20, and we're calling for 21 for the the morning low and then we will only stay in the 30's during the day. it doesn't get any better, we
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will look at the end of the seven day forecast, even with some rain, i think we will welcome that monday temperature, bob kelly, of 64 degrees. >> bring it on we love the 60's. it is tougher because we didn't have have a transition we went from 70, to bam, right into the 30's. >> veterans day was 70, one week ago. >> sick bit. >> good morning, everybody. a live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia, what a mess on i-95 yesterday. we had that overturn tractor trailer earlier in the morning and then a jackknife tractor trailer in south philadelphia later on for the evening rush hour but everything is good to go here. live look at i-95 near woodhaven road. sue talked about the winds today, you'll feel it coming across the bridge. so make sure both hands on the wheel coming across walt whitman bridge or ben franklin bridge into philadelphia they are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike we will go for a fly here westbound working your way in between fort washington and mid county.
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crews out there until 5:30. fire location again this morning ridge after new between 30th and 31st, with some local detours and south jersey in the bad at all. we are waking up with normal average speeds here 65. coming up to 55. in problems on the atlantic city expressway and mass transit honor close to schedule for the start of our tuesday morning, chris and kerry, back over to you. 4:18. breaking news, four people dead after a jerusalem synagogue was attacked, and six others are hurt, israeli police say two attackers armed with knives, axes and guns went after the worshipers. officials sa the attackers were palestinian and they were killed in the shoot-out with police. u.s. secretary of state john kerry condemned the attack while meeting in london and also calling on palestinian leaders to do the same, however, hamas, who runs the gaza strip is praising the attack but did in the claim responsibility for it. in the pittsburgh area lock down was lifted late last night, at edenboro university
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as police inn rest gated an off campus, university social media accounts. police have been looking for a gunman but lock down was lifted shortly before midnight. it is unclear how serious that shooting was. arizona police asking for the the public's help after surveillance video captures what appears to be a kidnapping outside a gas station. it happened sunday night as victim walk to a circle k in mesa. minutes later an suv pulled up, four or five people jumped out, they appear to start beating this person, and then throw him in the back and take off but so far police have no reports of a missing person. so they are not sure if this is in fact, an abduction or perhaps a prank. 4:19. lets turn our attention to this. all eyes on missouri as a decision could come any moment from the grand jury in the deadly shooting. this is teenager michael brown. tensions right now, excuse me, are rising in ferguson and so much so that the governor has already declared a state of emergency. >> grand jury has been hearing
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evidence for months weighing whether to charge darren wilson in the death of brown a black unarmed teenager. the the incident in august unleashed racial tensions and prompted violent protests and lieutenant nothing ferguson. officials would make sure that none of that happens again. >> we want to make sure that we will have the resources necessary, in the event that there is any kind of a violence or anything of that nature. >> all right. so if officer wilson is indicted, the charges could range anywhere from second degree involuntary man slaught tore first degree murder. punishable by life in prison or death by lethal injection. charles manson plans to tie the k thenot and reports say he is allowed to do it from jail. he is now 80 years old and intend to marry a 26 year-old woman who visits him in jail. this is soon after he was arrested, of course, reports say they have gotten a marriage license, aston burton who goes by the name star left
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her mid western home nine years ago to move near the prison, she runs several web sites lobbying for his innocence. get this, the prison has already assigned them a wedding court date. although there is no date, there is a wedding coordinator. star, as she's known, said she loves manson and plans to marry him sometime next month. >> a wedding coordinator. >> yeah, yeah good she might want to resell those old articles. this morning we are talking about a woman plead to go get the football. yeah, but that guy next to her beats her to it. now he is defending himself for that fierce swipe for the ball.
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eagles will start today at practice getting ready to put that green bay game behind him and play tennessee next sunday at the link. the game was ugly. some teams may let that linger a little bit. players and chip kelly says that is not the makeup of this team. >> our guys know what to do. we have lost games here before. it is about coming back and not let the same game beat you twice. you cannot feel sorry for yourself in this league. you can have big wins on one wig and not another week. we have to play each week. folks play your next opponent. that is what we're in the process of doing right now. sixers finished up their
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texas trip going for ten straight in san antonio. they have already turn the ball over. san an tone yes scores. they are not done with the turnovers yet as michael carter coming off the the bench. another turn over for sixers. they shot 32 percent last night, loss in san antonio, 100-75. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 4:25. six football players from california university in western pennsylvania, have been ordered to stand trial in a beating case. five of the players are shown here they are accused of stumping a man outside a restaurant. they face several charges as a matter on have fact including aggravated assault. prosecutors say victim was attack when he tried to intervene during an argument that one of the players was having with the victim's girlfriend in october. but the players say that the man started the fight. the players are suspended from their team, for now. the guy who went in front of the woman to grab a game
4:26 am
ball in the saint/bengals game on sunday. >> new orleans/cincinnati game. >> they tossed her a ball one of the players. she tried to get it this guy doves in front of her, grab the ball out of his arms. he is deeven ifing what he did. >> that is unsports man like conduct. >> saints fan grabbed a football toss by a beck also player it appeared that the pass was intended for that female fan. well, that man who is 70, tony williams, he is now talking about this. season ticket holder says he was only thinking of his grandson and didn't mean to misrepresent his city or his team. still, the saints decided to make it right and gave that bengals fan a game ball as well but still, come on. >> look at that. >> he goes down with the elbow. >> he may have been thinking about his grandson, but i don't know, whatever. >> 4:26. american 100 people staying in the local hotel forced out of
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their rooms in the middle of the night, it is cold, what the culprit in the basement in fact was. and big honors for jersey rocker bon jovi why he is coming to philadelphia tonight. >> cool.
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an alarm in the middle of the night hotel guests had to
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leave the room. culprit was found and resident allowed back in their room. how this all started straight ahead. sue, it was cold going to be outside. >> you may be glad rain is gone but here's your trade off, brisk, blustery weather all day long. we've got the numbers for you and they are pretty low, coming up. i don't know how he could look at a dog and not want to take care of it. >> saving pearl, when we first met her, she was skin and bones. there was nothing to her. but look at her now. how you can help her find her forever home. she was on the show. >> i love that. >> not too long ago. >> dawn timmeney did a full profile on her and everybody else involved, but good for pearl. good day to you have one it is tuesday, november 18th 2014. >> it is very cold. it is very windy. we are likely unprepared for what is in store, even though we have been warned. >> it is true but none of us
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can really fathom because we have not had a chance to gradually get used to this but even colder temperatures then the cold snap we had last week, yes, one week ago, veterans day we got to a high of 70 degrees. it is so cold it is blowing band of lake effect snow into buffalo where over the next couple of days, parts of the buffalo and it depend on where you are will get 2 feet of snow, i'm not kidding. so, we will see we will show you where it is worse so that you don't feel so bad about these temperatures, 34 degrees in philadelphia, 20's to the north of us, and, 30's to the south of us, but that is not the whole story. factor in these wind, 22 miles april hour sustained in philadelphia, 22 miles an hour in atlantic city, et cetera, et cetera and this is what it feels like. single digits in the pocono mountains. twenty's in the city. eleven is your wind chill in readying and lancaster and feels like the the 20's to the south of us as well. these temperatures will go down, as colder air continues
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to move in in the wake of the rain we had yesterday, so 34 feels like 22. you see the camera as we looking at the platt bridge there. rainy day and a monday yesterday we did not even make it to 55. we got to 51 degrees. thinks your average high where we are supposed to be for high temperatures but today, will be 32, in the a afternoon, and it won't even feel like 32, our wind chills will be in the 20's, all day long, thanks to those win gusts of 30 miles an hour, or more. so bob kelly you really to have hold on tight to that steering wheel. >> you ain't kidding, coffee cups and the cup holder and both hand on the wheel this morning. here's a live look at i295 in mount laurel, new jersey no problems up and down the 295 corridor again yesterday we were dealing with wet roads and, a steady rain, this morning, dry roads, but we're dealing with the wind. so mother nature is throwing something different at us every day. fifty-five across the board. coming in towards philadelphia on the schuylkill expressway,
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in problems up and down 476, we will zoom on in, to an accident here in pennsauken, this ace along mapel avenue at route 130. also that fire location a along ridge avenue still with us between 30th and 31st street. and in camden route 130 some construction near collins road right before you get to the airport circle will, whitman, ben franklin, commodore all of the bridge these morning will have speed restrictions because of the wind and you will feel the car rocking coming across the span. last night on the way home we have had problems on the paoli line. everything back to normal and buses, trains, trolleys running with no delays. chris, back to you. new this morning a carbon monoxide scare. fire crew as arrived to find high levels of the carbon monoxide readings. it was coming from the heater in the basement. officials isolated 110 hotel guests, and staff, right there in the ballroom of the building while they vented the
4:34 am
area. no injuries were reported. if you have not been outside just yet consider yourself quite lucky because it is cold. as the day's temperatures are any hint about the upcoming winter. it will be brutal. >> last winter was brutal. >> yes. >> jennifer joyce you grew up in this area. have you ever had two brutal winters in a row like this. >> reporter: my gosh i don't know but i'm not ready for it, and just like my legs are shaking we are watching the had had rubs shaking here. we can handle will the 34-degree temperatures, maybe but it is the wind that is making this so much worse. and, it is just not a great thing knowing that the temperatures are only going down from here. we are seeing lots of people here at 69th street station all bundled up here. lots of people actually and pretty decent spirits given the weather forecast for today. it was a brutal blow from yesterday, being outside in the pouring rain all day and now dealing with the coldest
4:35 am
air blast, so far, this season. people tell us they are prepared, they have hoods up, gloves on and scarves on and they are ready. >> it is a blast this morning. i got winterized early. i knew it was coming. >> it ain't that bad. >> reporter: that is enough. >> yes, for right now, until later part of the winter when it gets real cold and then i put on the real stuff here. >> i have my jacket. i have a under shirt and all that stuff. i have gloves in my pockets. yeah, it is just difficult to get used to winter now. >> reporter: what did you do to get winterized. >> absolutely nothing. jump suit, scarves, hat, and
4:36 am
my gloves. >> reporter: so that man, that was a very, very cool jump suit. he says he had has been investing this winter. it was a fleece lined jump suit. that is all he needed to survive this morning. i might have to have make a purchase. we're still a month and a half from the official start of the winter season kerry and chris. >> another thing to add tour shopping list, gloves, right. >> yep. >> i'm trying to use my phone, tweet, i need those texting gloves. i have a lot to buy this winter. i'm not prepared. >> texting gloves. >> part of what we do. visiting hours at a northeast philadelphia prison canceled this morning after an inmate stabbed three officers. >> it happened at the philadelphia industrial corrections center in holmesberg monday avenue. forty-nine year-old fred avery stabbed the officers with what
4:37 am
they believed to be a sharpened screw after they broke up a fight that he was involved in. sergeant was stabbed once in the face and other stabbed multiple times in the head and a third stabbed in the hand. they were taken to aria torresdale hospital, investigators say avery was first jailed on aggressive assault charges in 2013. they say he represents the danger that is associated with prison security work. >> this person was incarcerated on violent felony charges and, you know, managing that type of of an individual you know, there is a danger associated with that. >> police are expecting him to face charges now for this additional attack in the prison. meanwhile officer with the hand injury was released from the hospital. two others remain in stable condition. 4:37 is the time. momma june, again making headlines, yes, now doctor phil says he doesn't believe a word that she told him on his show this week. what he had to say about th
4:38 am
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customs agents at philadelphia international airport has arrested a brooklyn women after discovering more than 2-pound of cocaine in her bag. jody ann graham arrived from jamaica last monday. agents said they found one package of cocaine zone inside of the bottom of inside the bags. es straighted street value are about $80,000. >> her name really was graham,
4:41 am
busted for coke. >> um-hmm. all right. doctors say a surgeon who contracted ebola and died, had initially tested negative for the virus in sierra leone even though he had symptoms. so by the time doctors diagnosed doctor martin salea withe bowl at disease had progressed significantly. the 44 year-old from maryland arrived back here in the u.s., he was already in pretty bad shape. doctors a say that delay probably made it impossible to save his life. salea's death marks second person to die of ebola here in the u.s. authorities identified at least one of the isis militants in the video that show terrorist group beheading american peter kassig and more than a dozen syrian soldiers. they say the 22-year old frenchman coverted to islam in the middle will east back in 2011. president obama is now backing off his prom toys quote, send no american troops on the ground. he says, changing circumstances might at some
4:42 am
point require americans to fight alongside iraqis against isis. momma june, is on the defensive. she had a lot to say to doctor phil about allegations with her having an relationship with a man accused of molesting her daughter and now doctor phil is speaking about what he thinks about this story. your kids will love this, who could forget the classic peanuts comic strip. you remember that. we are looking at the new peanuts strip coming out. wait until you see how technology has change this.
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4:45 in the morning. hello, tuesday. what a difference from monday, the rain is gone but now the the cold temperatures, have arrived. so we have a lot of numbers to show you this morning, so we have 34 degrees in philadelphia it is in the 20's to the north of us, 30's to the east of us as we go down, we will see these temperatures in the 30's as well, in wildwood, atlantic city, millville, dover, wilmington, that is not what it feels like. we will go through the rest of the day and jump to 2:00 in the afternoon. we will be at 32 degrees. that is a lower temperature then we are right new but that cold air will continue to settle in the area in the wake of the rain that ended yesterday and then temperatures will just stay really cold and we will probably challenge some records tomorrow morning. no precipitation to show you here and be glad you are in the here where these band have of lake effect snow are setting up and now being the
4:46 am
worst of it looks like it will fall around buffalo today and tomorrow. so wind gusts, right now, 31 miles an hour in the city, 32-mile an hour win gust in wilmington. these are the the feels like temperatures. the the wind chills. twenty-two is what it feels like in philadelphia. eleven in reading. four in mount pocono. these are temperatures you dress for. last week we told to you get out parka when it turned cold. now you need to put a few layers underneath the parka because it will be brisk and blustery all day long. i don't really see big relief from this until the weekend but then bob kelly we trade off with some rain. that is how it goes. >> can we trade off something right now for the wind. >> what do you got to trade. >> lets go play fish. good morning, everybody. live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia right here near girard. light volume so far this morning for gang leaving northeast philadelphia, the on the northbound side there is a left over work crew up near cottman avenue and then we
4:47 am
have got word of a problem on the northeast extension, southbound, between lansdale and mid county. a vehicle leaking some fuel right there in the new liz widened stretch there between lansdale and mid county gannon that southbound side. speedometer readings not that bad. slow go tapping brakes at girard avenue, blue route looking fine heading down towards philly international. we have an accident at plymouth fairfield and volpe road and over in maple shade, mapel avenue right here watch for a crash and ridge avenue between 30th and 31st, and we are dealing with another fire location. mass transit is good to go but i think the wind is going to start leaving with us some delays at philly interest the national. keep that in mind heading down to the airport this morning. chris and kerry back over to you. you you are the man, sir. attorneys involved in the tracie morgan's lawsuit against wal-mart are expect to meet in federal court in trenton today. >> morgan is suing the retail giant after a wal-mart truck
4:48 am
slammed in the back of the limo on the new jersey turnpike. that crash killed comedian james mcnair and severely injured morgan. today's meeting is a scheduling conference, last friday the driver behind the wheel of the truck filed to have that lawsuit delayed while he fights criminal charges in state court. 4:48n entertainment news john bon jovi will be honored in philadelphia tonight as the 2014 recipient of the marion anderson award. new jersey born rock star is known for his philanthropy and humanitarian work. wand a sykes will hose the awards gala dinner. the marion anderson award is name for the famed inning iser and activist born in philadelphia. former honey boo-boo star momma june insisting she's not in the relationship with the man her daughter accused of sexual abuse but doctor phil disagrees. >> wow. doctor phil appeared on tmz live to talk about his interview with momma june. june claims a photo of her and
4:49 am
mark mcdaniel in the hotel room was photo shopped but doctor phil believes she's a compulsive liar who is drawn to criminals. doctor phil says that mcdaniel isn't the only one he says momma june was previously involved with, who was involved with another man in prison on similar child molestation charges. we are getting our first peep at the new peanuts movie heading to movie theaters. 3-d film out next november, film makers say we will get to see more of the relationship between charlie brown and snoopy and that the film will stay true of the feel of the comic strip and all of the classic characters. fox 29 is getting results for trenton woman whose two dogs were stolen, we told the path path foley's story of her dog taken from a backyard last night. now we are happy to report louie and zoey are back at home. dogs were mission on sunday when a speciales cologne
4:50 am
another behind her home on second street there. she thanks fox 29 to get her pooches back where they belong. 4:49. this lucky dog might be unrecognizable to you but she has come a long way from last month when we first shared her story. pearl the pit bull terrier was 20-pound when she was rescued in chester. now as our chris o'connell reports she's looking for her forever home. >> sorry, we don't have that storm story for you but we will get it, promise. serving overseas he almost lost his life and now a veteran and his fiance gets a special day they have dreamed of. the a nation g
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
you may be hard pressed to find a happier dog then pearl and that is why it is so hard to imagine this was pearl about a month ago. >> she was really bad she barely weighed 20-pound, she was having trouble walking, and, you know, she was just starving. >> reporter: starving pit bull mix just skin and bones was brought to the delaware county spca after being seized by animal control officers, from a backyard in chester, last month. >> it is just disgusting. i don't know how you could look at a dog and a knot want to take care of it. watch a dog suffering like that. >> reporter: jay has been
4:54 am
fostering pearl for the past few weeks, her heart breaking story and that cute little face captured the hearts of just about anyone who walked in the door. in fact so many of you have been calling us, asking about this dog, we are happy to report, she's now on the mend and looking for a new home. she has gained more than 25-pound, the wag is back in her tail and she's being put up for adoption. applications are being accepted for pearl, through sunday. >> she has been through so much. she has cutest little face of the spca now. she's friendly with kids, cats and other dogs. >> reporter: pearl was diagnosed with lyme disease but vets say it is very treatable. now it is just fining the right owner. >> it will be hard to say good bye. >> reporter: saying that good bye is bitter sweet for staff here knowing that little talk almost didn't make it, will soon make it a new family very happy. in media, chris o'connell, fox
4:55 am
29 news. >> she's doing well, right. >> yes. >> 4:54. a florida couple getting their dream wedding for free and thanks to local groups that joined together to make a wish come true for a wounded veteran. >> before jacob leach and brittany for you lynn ski stroll down the aisle they endured a longer journey n2006 while deployed in iraq jake was thrown off a building and hit by a rocket grenade. he suffers from ptsd and traumatic brain disorder. a tampa farm and local businesses and vincent jackson of the buccaneers football team, got together to give them a $50,000 dream wedding as part of the program to thank wounded soldiers. >> to see people stand up to support veterans and really understand what we go through and to do something like this, that was a big thing. >> that is so cool. >> here comes the kiss. they grew up across the street from one another.
4:56 am
>> ♪ >> i just can't. i just can't. >> i will move to like tahiti and hide. i'm sick of all this. >> this is popular. latest holiday tune, it is called text me merry christmas. in it kristin bill teams up with a group, straight no chaser. they are poking fun at your modern communications while trying to get you in the holiday spirit. >> maybe that is what i will get my kids. >> for my pants to start vibrating. >> okay. >> that will get you in the spirit. >> let's move on. does this cold weather
4:57 am
have you dreaming of the beach? in the so fast. is there a new warning out there about sun screen and fertility that you want to hear before you you head down the shore, next summer. not anytime soon not around here, but on vacation, and bob kelly watching your morning commute. >> i'm still caught on your text there. >> your pant vibrating. >> we are vibrating in the helicopter. instrument panel northbound on i-95. i think high wind, sue mentioned 31 miles an hour that could give us delays at philly international. we will check rest of the roads and mass transit
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning, at 5:00 o'clock, tension are high with one question in the air, will the philadelphia region get a new casino. we should get our answers today. the four spots in the city that are fighting for this new casino and then our sue you serio is watching this cold snap hit us today. how long will this stick around. >> until we snap, it is going to be that kind of a week where we take a role arer coaster ride with our temperatures. we invite to you ride with our forecast coming up, kerry. and then philadelphia, at the information front of caring for premature babies a and new statistics out this morning make this initiative all the the more important. they are alarming. good day, everybody it is tuesday, november 18th 2014. >> q up, megan


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